Adopt, Don’t Shop

This isn’t an original idea, but I want to honor my fur babies after which this site was named, by advocating for adoption. When you buy an animal from a breeder, that’s one more animal that stays in a shelter without a home. If you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you’re really saving two lives, because that opens a space for another animal to be rescued from the street or a high-kill shelter like the city Animal Care & Control (aka the city pound).

The picture on the home screen is of CRISPR (pronounced like Crisper), a kitty that we adopted in August. When CRISPR was found on the street, someone had broken both of his back legs. The asshole literally snapped his legs. The vets could only save one of them. So he’s a delightful three-legged 3-year-old cat.

My other cats, whom you see below, are Serena (black) and Athena (tortoiseshell/calico). All three cats have irrepressible kitty spirit.


Truly, rescued animals should inspire all of us to be better people. Humans—myself included—can feel defeated by the simplest misfortunes. Last year, when I fractured my femur, I thought I couldn’t go on. I still can’t do any kind of serious exercise. Some days, I truly feel like the a satellite is crashing down on my head because it seems so terrible not to be able to practice karate or run on a treadmill.

And then I can look at my cats. CRISPR is missing a leg and was terribly abused by some asshole(s). Yet, he was so determined to live that he practiced and practiced and now he can jump everywhere in my house that the other cats can jump, except the counter. And he loves people! He lets out an “I want a lap NOW!” war cry every time he sees a human sit on the couch.

Serena was homeless and watched all of her kittens get adopted while she sat at the shelter. That was more than 11 years ago now. She is so picky about humans that I considered proposing to my husband when she “chose him” for me by sitting on his lap. She has a giant scar on her neck from a street fight. And yet she is happy and loves me….and cat nip. She loves her nip.

And, finally, there’s Athena. Athena was rescued from a jerk who was using her as a kitten factory. We don’t know how many litters of kittens she had, but when she was finally rescued, she was pregnant yet again. The vet suspected, based on the condition of her female bits, that she had had many litters. And she gets chronic mammary gland tumors. One surgery was so huge that she was put on a fentanyl patch for the pain. And yet there she is every day, carrying socks and underwear around our house and leaving them on our bed and on the couch as gifts for us.

My cats really do inspire me. If they can experience traumas of which we’ll never really know, and still wake up every day and be delighted to be alive and be cats, then we can go on and push through, too.

And like the kitties, we might need help to do it.