Being Jewish on the Internet

When your surname is Weinstein, you basically wear a sign that says “Jew”–and I’m damned PROUD to do so. The Internet routinely tries to beat that out of me with its incessant invocation of antisemitism. My surname seems to be a favorite mechanism by which bigots attempt to demean me. Sometimes they capitalize it; sometimes they use the AltShite (((bullshit))) parentheses.

Bigots seem to become incensed when I comment on anything that involves “Europeans” (by which they mean gentiles). The implication, of course, is that a Jewish person can’t possibly be a European–which is one of the oldest antisemitic attacks there is. Donald Trump routinely invokes this idea that Jews have some kind of dual loyalty to the United States (or wherever else) and Israel.

Some antisemitic comments on Twitter.

It should go without saying that some Jews have loyalty to Israel and others do not. I have literally NEVER commented publicly on the subject of Israel, yet morons like the schmuck quoted above make assumptions.

The Internet was supposed to be a great equalizer. Everyone can share her opinion online, usually for free. That’s true–but it’s not an equalizer when certain people from certain groups are harassed when they express themselves. Women, Jews, people of color are all routinely subjected to the predatory vitriolic anonymous attacks of angry, bitter white men who are freaking out about losing their privilege (which they don’t see as privilege; they see their social and economic advantages as their birth right).

They need to grab ahold of their tiny penises and deal with the reality that equality is going to steamroll them eventually. And–holy shit–they may need to work hard and earn what they achieve in life.

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